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A gateway to a new audience.

Second Screen is not just another aggregator or dusty shelf.

We are a curated, live community discovering & sharing
storytellers like you.



Introduced me to
independent and international
films that would never come
up on my radar otherwise.

Second Screen Makes Your Film A Unique
Experience The Mobile Generation Loves

Bite-Size Parts

You cut and title it or we will, in 10-minute episodes along
natural story breaks that honor creative integrity. Consumers
get quick episodes that view like a cable TV series.


We select the most impactful stills from your film to attract
a mobile audience.

Addictive Social Aspect

See what viewers tell their friends about your film, leverage
this information for your next project. Build a cult following.

Niche Curation

Our team of story-trained mobile generation curators select the
content for Second Screen. You'd be surprised how much they click
with indie content.


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168 million people watched videos on Smartphones in 2017,
with more watching on their phone than desktop or DVD.

Most independent filmmakers have never had access
to this generation of viewers. Until now.

Source: Nielsen


Second Screen

broadened my
horizons to non-mainstream
films I wouldn’t have sought
out for something to watch.
Filmmaker Ambassador


Fernando's always been a forward thinker. He's a multi-threat filmmaker, and an entrepreneur. Now he's brought his award-winning film, Amar a Morir, to Second Screen.

The native of Guadalajara, Mexico is a Director/Producer who’s worked in the medium for more than 15 years for TV networks like Fox Sports, MTV, and Televisa Networks.

Fernando directed the 2017 Netflix Original #RealityHigh which is one of the most successful teen movies on the Netflix platform. His comedy Sundown was released in 2016.

Lebrija is based in Los Angeles, with a Masters from the American Film Institute and graduate studies in Screenwriting at UCLA.

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I Love That My

movie will continue
to be watched.

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Watching These Films

I felt like an explorer,
venturing out into
unknown territory,
discovering films no one
I know ever heard of.

Our Curation Team

Curators carefully assess films with our rating system.


independent films are

different from your
normal feature because they
challenge the way in which
stories are told, whether by
its unique characters or its
innovative plots.

- Delassie