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A new way to watch.

Second Screen is an app streaming bite-sized sophisticated series
for the mobile culture.

Second Screen rebrands and repackages feature films to view just like a series.

If you are a...


Cool, It Has A

different feel than
normal shows on TV
or Netflix.

The Experience

10-Minute, Short, Digestible Episodes

Easily watched on your phone or on the go. Consumers get quick
episodes that view like a cable TV series.

Attention-Grabbing Custom Clips

Weekly new releases start with a quick clip of a compelling
scene to draw you in.

An Addictive Social Community

Join the conversation. Follow friends and influencers to see
what they're watching, share what you love.

Niche Curation

Our team of mobile native curators choose the content so you get the
unique, interesting experience you crave.


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We're a place for

filmmakers to create
high production value
10-minute episodic narratives
for viewers who grew up
watching YouTube.


A #

Original Series


Ruby Witt, a half Mexican / half Caucasian former Border Patrol
star and newly-promoted ICE investigator, struggles to
keep up with her secret life in the smuggling underworld.